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At what point do you take girls out of school altogether because boys can’t handle it?
Parent of a female teen whose school banned leggings (via yball)

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and now my body fades behind a brass charade and im obsolete

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Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair by Arctic Monkeys. “Bite the lightning and tell me how it tastes, kung fu fighting on your rollerskates, do the macerena in the devil’s lair but just don’t sit down cause I’ve moved your chair.”

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slightly older female friends are truly a force for good in this world

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God I love this man

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experience my hendrix

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easy notes: make a post about wanting to do literally anything enjoyable (but nonsexual) with a person and then contrast it with also wanting to have rough sex with them

wow i just really want someone to watch netflix and eat pizza with me but then also fuck me against a wall

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